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Digital strategy

Digitization is changing customer expectations and competition for all global market leaders. New, digital technologies must be used to move data-driven into an efficient, flexible and sustainable future . A digital strategy is the guidepost for remaining capable of action and benefiting from technological trends.

The product champions come under pressure

Over the years, German SMEs have achieved outstanding market leadership through product innovations. The products offer the best performance in the industry or can be manufactured very economically due to excellent production technology. Nevertheless, the challenges are growing:

  • Supply chains at risk, increased energy costs and demographics or shortage of skilled workers for production
  • speed of innovation, modern utilization concepts and international cost pressure for products.

Competitiveness can only be maintained in the future if the company can react quickly and flexibly.


From product champion to data champion

Corporate processes must adapt to these challenges. With a data-centric architecture to enable real-time information flow and eliminate inefficiencies.


At the same time, data on the entire lifecycle and the totality of all operational products and assets are condensed into knowledge that enables individual added value. In other words, the path to the smart factory and digital services for customers. The transformation from product champion to data champion

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Intelligente Fabrik

"On our way to the smart factory, Trebing + Himstedt was able to show us innovative approaches to implementing our digital fields of action in joint workshops. The in-house Innovation Studio provided an optimal framework for this."

Cem Dedeoglu, Global Applications Supply Chain, Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH

Module Produktion - Zukunftsorientierte

Mastering typical challenges with a digital strategy:

They want to be sure that the decisions made are the right ones for the long term and that IT can keep pace with the company’s growth targets.

You need an overview of the individual digitization initiatives and want to counteract grown structures in the departments

Technology is evolving rapidly and you want to actively leverage new trends such as digital business models or AI.

You want to act, not react, when legacy systems can no longer be further developed due to a lack of expertise and on-premise systems are discontinued and will only be available in the cloud in the future.

A resilient, growth-oriented production

In the long term, a digital strategy serves the sustainable alignment of your company, in which you recognize the opportunities of digitization and approach the implementation practically as a team.

Become part of the Digital Manufacturing Community!

At the community meetings with different hosts, you can expect an exclusive production tour, exciting lectures and informative workshops on best practices, as well as time to get to know each other personally and network.

How can we support?

Target Picture Workshop

Based on our many years of experience and through cooperation with our customers, we have developed a special, interactive format for developing a target image for the path to the intelligent factory. We support you with agile methods and our industry experience to develop a strategy that enables you to open up new business models and offer your customers digital services.

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Learn more about the development of a digital strategy and the agile approach for the digital transformation to the smart factory and digital services.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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