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The way to the cloud

Cloud architecture of the future

Nothing works without cloud anymore

When we talk about cloud today, we see more and more applications from everyday life that are consumed completely naturally from the cloud and where the added value for the cloud is recognized. In our private lives, we use messenger services on a daily basis, consume movies, music and games on demand, and benefit from regular automatic updates for larger feature sets of products – enabled by cloud solutions.

"A smart factory that needs to be efficient, flexible and sustainable at the same time cannot function without cloud tomorrow."


Stefan Trebing, Founder & Managing Director

Weg in die Cloud

Cloud in manufacturing?

To what extent has this self-image from the private sphere arrived in the corporate environment? For application areas such as IoT, AI, CRM and also enterprise systems such as SAP S/4HANA, cloud solutions are the desired standard and are no longer questioned. The same development is emerging for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). The majority of companies have gained experience with cloud solutions in the areas addressed and recognize the benefits. Thus, it is considered certain that the modern MES is also cloud-based. What’s more, digital services are unimaginable without cloud infrastructure and applications.

Advantages of a cloud solution

Latest functionality available

Mobility through client / location independence

Better cloud-to-cloud interoperability

IT security ensured by hyperscalers

Agile, flexible, scalable

Effiziente Produktion

Become part of the Digital Manufacturing Community!

At the community meetings with different hosts, you can expect an exclusive production tour, exciting lectures and informative workshops on best practices, as well as time to get to know each other personally and network.


The way to the cloud

Trebing + Himstedt accompanies you on your way to the cloud from development

  • of a strategy for a sustainable data architecture
  • the development of flexible, scalable cloud architectures up to the
  • Migration of existing on-premise and hybrid system landscapes to the cloud

Whitepaper: MES moves to the cloud

MES in the cloud - my topic?

Status quo

Our process model for the path to the cloud

Starting together in the cloud

Starting together in the cloud

Webinar: 10 questions answers on SAP DM migration

Regardless of whether you no longer want to or can no longer develop your old MES yourself, you want to take a targeted and strategic approach to a future-proof cloud solution or you see a need for action because basic support for SAP ME/MII has been discontinued at the end of 2030. In the webinar recording, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our projects and workshops.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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