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Transparency and open standards

Reference Westfleisch SCE

Agility even at -40 degrees

Through transparency and open standards

Knowing what’s going on, simplifying processes for employees and being able to make adjustments yourself sounds understandable and can’t be that difficult after all. In detail – especially when integrated into a complete value creation process – it can quickly become complex. At Westfleisch SCE GmbH in Münsterland, the implementation went quickly and smoothly. What the goal behind this was, which milestones have already been achieved, and where the journey can go, is shown in this field report on the standardization of store floor communication with SAP Digital Manufacturing.


"The relief for the employees is particularly noticeable in the freezer. The production planning specifies that the pallet has to be placed on top and that's it.

Tobias Schlamann, Project Manager Automation / MES, Westfleisch SCE mbH

Products used in this reference

The following strategic software products were used for the successful implementation:

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Learn more about transparent production with process mining and the agile approach for the digital transformation to the smart factory.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
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