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Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)

Leverage undiscovered potential in production with Celonis and exploit it every day.

Celonis Process Mining in Production

The Celonis EMS (Execution Management System) is a cloud-based system for process analysis and provides optimization recommendations. Based on process mining technology, end-to-end processes in the company are continuously analyzed and checked for weaknesses using artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, automation solutions support the process or perform steps automatically.

Process Mining provides a real-time X-ray 4.0 of production processes – a living, breathing, moving picture that reveals where inefficiencies are hidden. The actual as-is process is compared with the planned to-be process models to identify deviations that cause inefficiencies.

At the heart of process mining are event logs, or event logs. Event Logs structure the digital footprints in your processes and prepare them for the “X-ray” that Celonis provides.

Along this process twin created on event logs, various key figures can be collected and in-depth analyses can be performed. A new level of transparency is created. This enables a living system of key performance indicators along the entire value chain (end-to-end processes) and the systematic identification of optimization potential.

Furthermore, target and actual processes can be compared with each other (conformance checking). Deviations are automatically detected, quantified and highlighted.

Whitepaper: Celonis Process Mining in Production

Basics of Process Mining

Transparency in production

Use existing data

Use case 1

Higher quantities without new investments

Use case 2

Delivery reliability - on-time delivery in variant production

In 3 steps to the optimal production process

Celonis Messen-Wissen-Handeln

From measurement to knowledge to action

Effiziente Produktion

Advantages of using Celonis EMS:

High level of transparency along the end-to-end processes

Simple data connection of complex, heterogeneous process landscapes

Potential for process optimization is tracked down to a very granular level

Provides data basis for other optimization activities (CIP, idea management, projects)

Volatile key figures become explainable through deep transparency

Process execution closer to the target process, supported by automation

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