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SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (SAP DMe) in the Cloud

SAP MES in the cloud

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (SAP DMe) – formerly SAP DMCe – is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES) for improving visibility and operations on the shop floor for near real-time data and analytics. SAP DMe is part of SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). Run production processes, analyze manufacturing and business data, and integrate systems with a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient method based on a connected smart factory


SAP DMCe advantages at a glance

Track and improve manufacturing performance

Improve transparency and consistency of reporting

Gain faster and consistent insights

Improving the transparency of manufacturing processes

Adaptation to individualization requirements (lot size-1)

More efficient use of company resources

Function overview SAP DMCe

  • Production data acquisition (PDA)
  • Machine data acquisition (MDE)
  • Machine integration level (PCo)
  • ERP Integration
  • POD Designer (Production Operation Dashboard)
  • Traceability
  • Non-conformance management (Test & Repair)
  • Work tracking / time recording
  • Worker guidance
  • Change Management
  • Real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Production Metrics (Business Objects, BOBJ)
  • Automation of production processes (PPD)

"To drive the necessary digital transformation of our production, SAP Digital Manufacturing from the cloud combined with Trebing + Himstedt's agile approach proved to be the ideal project setup."

Sebastian Dittrich - Head of Logistics, Flender Industriegetriebe GmbH

Whitepaper: Worker guidance and traceability in the cloud

Process optimization in Industry 4.0

Worker management: Production on customer request becomes reality with SAP DM

Traceability: production tracking made easy

SAP Digital Manufacturing Starter Package

Principle Software-as-a-Service

SAP Digital Manufacturing Execution is delivered in the cloud and is available as SaaS, so you can access your software from any web browser. It also works perfectly in combination with on-premise SAP Manufacturing Exection to map the best architecture for enterprise customers.

connected cloud

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At the community meetings with different hosts, you can expect an exclusive production tour, exciting lectures and informative workshops on best practices, as well as time to get to know each other personally and network.

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Learn more about flexible production with SAP DMe and the agile approach for the digital transformation to the smart factory.

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