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Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Intelligent value chains for agile and resilient global market leaders.

Sustainable means future-proof

Future-proof means sustainable

In today’s world, sustainability is both an economic and an ecological imperative.

Uncertain times, dynamic markets, the creation of sustainable added value is the key to a company’s future viability and its success as a global market leader. The potential for realizing sustainable growth in both senses of the word lies in the value chain and is often hidden or cannot unfold its full potential in individual activities in siloed areas. It must be developed strategically, with an extended end-to-end perspective and implemented effectively. Design to Operate from strategy to implementation.

We develop and realize a shared vision with our customers: A competitive, intelligent and resilient supply chain that enables the champions of the manufacturing industry to achieve sustainable growth in an uncertain environment.

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What we achieve together

Identify cost efficiency targets strategically and operationally, plan integratively and approach them in a targeted manner.

Improve the resilience and sustainability of supply chains to mitigate disruptions and fluctuations in the business process.

Ensure quality through a comprehensive approach that encompasses various elements such as organization, processes, technology and data.

Identify unused potential for improvement in inventory management along the entire value chain, define improvement measures and optimize them sustainably.

What will intelligent solutions look like in the future that make it possible to make quick decisions in uncertain times?

With a holistic digital approach and the use of the latest technologies, global market leaders are changing their processes and organization to achieve transparency and continuous planning.

The digital transformation of the application landscape in the supply chain and manufacturing is a complex challenge that requires the seamless integration of technologies, systems and real-time data.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a critical factor for industrial companies, as it has a significant impact on the environment, society and business operations.

"This was a class performance by all of us. So a big thanks to the whole team from project management to infrastructure, architecture to programming and implementation."

Sven Paschke, Head of Department Information Engineering, Endress+Hauser GmbH+CO.KG

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Think and act end-to-end


From strategy to execution

Comprehensive range of consulting services

Strategy to Execution

Our consulting approach is divided into three key areas: strategy consulting, process consulting and technology consulting.

And we think end-to-end. From defining the target operating model to establish a clear direction and structure for your operational activities, to a 360-degree value chain assessment in which we analyze your value chain across the board and identify potential for increasing efficiency and profitability, to the selection and implementation of technology solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Tear down silos

Keeping an eye on the value chain.

If there is a lack of transparency, inefficiencies, waste, errors and missed opportunities may remain hidden. The following tips can help counteract this.

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Learn more about the sustainable supply chain with the core of a smart factory for global market leaders and how we think end-to-end from Design to Operate and realize it from strategy to execution.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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