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SAP Resource Orchestration (SAP REO)

React quickly and flexibly to events in production

SAP REO is the cloud-based scheduling and shift planning tool within the SAP Digital Manufacturing ExecutionThis is a tool that production managers and production controllers can use to control and monitor events on the shop floor. First, gaps in order scheduling are filled automatically and AI-supported via auto-dispatching to minimize downtime.

Considered are, for example:

  • Employees with required qualifications
  • Work schedules with the throughput and setup times
  • Plant & resource capacities and their conditions

Production or shift managers can then make final adjustments and optimizations directly on the store floor with the help of graphical planning support. This means that local expert knowledge and unexpected events such as the failure of machines or employees can be reacted to flexibly and effectively. So human being can always have the last word.

A Gantt chart overview helps to quickly visualize and identify availabilities and problems and also to resolve them directly in this view. The changes are immediately incorporated into the production schedule at short notice and the affected personnel are informed of the changes.


Whitepaper: One tool for all cases

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SAP REO Functions

The Dispatching and Monitoring app provides the following functions:
  • Effectively dispatch and monitor events on the shop floor.
  • Comprehensive information coverage on resource utilization and the current production situation through a detailed notification concept.
  • Visual representation of operations and orders with high priority.
  • Assigning or deassigning operations or balancing resource utilization.
  • Automatic scheduling of operations.
  • Creation of the employee-related shift schedule.
  • Plan employee availability
  • Schedule available production resources/tools

Easy integration into your SAP MES

SAP REO is part of the SAP Digital Manufacturing and can be seamlessly integrated with the SAP Cloud MES Digital Manufacturing for Execution (SAP DMe) Another use case is as a standalone solution from the cloud to extend an existing on-premise MES SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) intelligently complement

Suitable workshops on the topic of SAP Resource Orchestration (SAP REO)

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