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Flexible production

Manufacturing can respond flexibly and promptly to exceptions and thus proactively to volatile market demands.

Problembehebung in der Produktion

Do these problems sound familiar?

Increasing complexity in production due to frequent product adaptations

Ever smaller batch sizes lead to more "information search

Employees on the line must be trained constantly

Customers and the market create volatile demand, so production planning must become more flexible

"Going from our grown MES back to standard was a crucial leap to more flexibility for a Smart Factory. Trebing + Himstedt has been excellent in leading us to success with their agile sprints."

Matthias Hilpold, Head of Business Application Services, Information Technology

Respond flexibly to volatile demand and customer requirements

Through worker guidance (right information at the right time and control of the process), we provide a way for workers to see the new information online and be made aware of adjustments. This leads to a high quality with simultaneous possibilities of product changes. Through real-time feedback from customer data (ERP data, requirements) and plant feedback, we offer the possibility to react to changes on the store floor at short notice and to proactively influence e.g. personnel planning. Plant standards and the digitalization of processes enable us to provide plants with the data relevant to production. Dynamically influence material flows to respond to changes. Digital and end-to-end processes along the value chain make you more flexible and robust to respond to constantly changing market and customer requirements.

What distinguishes us

We at Trebing + Himstedt have been developing and implementing digitization in discrete manufacturing from A to Z since 1992. From brainstorming in workshops to implementation, provision of the system landscape, and training, we accompany our customers in their sustainable digital transformation.

How we can help you build a flexible production:

  • By supporting you to be able to produce a variant-rich and competitive product portfolio in a process-safe manner
  • Be able to serve volatile customer needs and
  • Digitize and automate processes


Start flexible production

Start generating ideas and identifying touchpoints with us in a joint workshop on how and through which systems, people are provided and consume data.

How we can support you

We help production managers build flexible production by providing information as needed through digitization, standardization and linking of processes, assets and people.

Talk to us about how we can make your production more flexible.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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