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Resilient, coordinated end-to-end production & logistics processes lead to greater efficiency and fewer interface problems.


Do these problems sound familiar?

Production personnel move pallets of material back and forth instead of being active on the production line.

There are lots of open IT tickets because interfaces cause problems.

There is no system-based control of the supply of goods to ensure that material is placed where it is needed.

Lead times for material provision is short term to 'ad-hoc'.

It is unclear who is responsible for what in production logistics.

"This was a class performance by all of us. So a big thanks to the whole team from project management to infrastructure, architecture to programming and implementation."

Matthias Hilpold, Head of Business Application Services, Information Technology

Respond flexibly to volatile demand and customer requirements

In order to avoid process breaks or even silos at departmental boundaries, it is necessary to place the value creation process as a guiding principle at the center of the optimal process design.

In practice, functions are often provided and maintained twice in production and logistics. In extreme cases, this leads to logistics functions being individually replicated in the MES and/or, conversely, typical MES functions being integrated into the logistics software. The goal is a continuous, standardized process across integrated systems and that functions are mapped where they are ideally implemented in the standard system. This does not necessarily go hand in hand with organizational departmental boundaries.

SAP-DM-WM-Prozess vorherSAP-DM-WM-Prozess nachher

What distinguishes us

We at Trebing + Himstedt have been developing and implementing digitization in discrete manufacturing from A to Z since 1992. From brainstorming in workshops to implementation, provision of the system landscape, and training, we accompany our customers in their sustainable digital transformation.

How we can help you build a flexible production:

  • As a subsidiary of cbs – Corporate Business Solutions, we offer solution approaches for an end-to-end, digital and sustainable value chain, we call it Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SSCM).
  • For example, we work closely with the experts at cbs subsidiary leogistic to optimize production logistics.

Examples SAP DM-EWM Standard Uses Cases

Event-based, on-demand supply of materials in production.

Goods movements of material on the store floor.

Order-related / -independent (scrap) consumption based on actual data.

Goods receipt at packing or yield reports at the last operation.

Start flexible production

For example, work with us in a joint workshop to identify the duplicates and duplicate tasks in your processes and determine in which system the functions are to be implemented in the standard in the future.

How we can support you

We help production and logistics managers build flexible and efficient production by providing information on demand through digitization, standardization and linking of integrated end-to-end processes, assets and people.

Talk to us about how we can make your production logistics more efficient.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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