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Trebing + Himstedt whitepapers at a glance

Download the whitepapers now to learn more about SAP DM migration, scheduling tools, Celonis Process Mining and Zero Canvas.

Whitepaper: Worker guidance and traceability in the cloud

Process optimization in Industry 4.0

Worker management: Production on customer request becomes reality with SAP DM

Traceability: production tracking made easy

SAP Digital Manufacturing Starter Package

Whitepaper: MES moves to the cloud

MES in the cloud - my topic?

How can the cloud help here?

Generation change: SAP ME becomes SAP DMe

Our process model for the path to the cloud

Starting together in the cloud

Strategy + Technology + Organization + Finance

Whitepaper: Celonis Process Mining in Production

Basics of Process Mining

Transparency in production

Use existing data

Use case 1

Higher quantities without new investments

Use case 2

Delivery reliability - on-time delivery in variant production

Whitepaper: Producing more sustainably

Zero Emission, Zero Waste and Zero Inequality

Identify potential for more sustainability

Along the value chain

Process Mining

X-ray vision for more sustainability

Incl. Canvas Template PDF

Guidance on working with the Canvas and evaluating and prioritizing initiatives.

Whitepaper: One tool for all cases

Read more in the free whitepaper about:

Production planning in the industry

Planning architecture of detailed planning and scheduling

Detailed planning and scheduling in practice

Rescheduling - the daily challenges of production planning

Optimize scheduling using cloud tools

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