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Sustainable production

For a people-centered and resource-conserving factory

Problembehebung in der Produktion

Do these problems sound familiar?

What carbon footprint does our product leave behind?

How can we produce in a more resource-efficient way, e.g. by avoiding waste and rejects?

How can we produce in a climate-neutral way?

Do our processes focus on people?

Can sustainability pay off or perhaps even open up new business models?

Sustainability increases own relevance

Sustainability is a social consensus and therefore no longer a competitive advantage, but a prerequisite for continuing to be relevant in the long term.

Digitization and the intelligent evaluation of production data form the basis for manufacturing products efficiently, flexibly and sustainably for successful market positioning in the future.

Effiziente Produktion

What distinguishes us

We at Trebing + Himstedt have been developing and implementing digitization in discrete manufacturing from A to Z since 1992. From brainstorming in workshops to implementation, provision of the system landscape, and training, we accompany our customers in their sustainable digital transformation.

How we can support you in building a sustainable production:

  • Elaboration of relevant sustainability aspects
  • Definition, measurement and presentation of relevant KPIs
  • Process analysis / process mining to uncover resource inefficiencies
  • Implement process safety and establish quality processes for waste prevention
  • Develop new business models based on sustainability
Was uns ausszeichnet

Whitepaper: Producing more sustainably

Zero Emission, Zero Waste and Zero Inequality

Identify potential for more sustainability

Along the value chain

Process Mining

X-ray vision for more sustainability

Incl. Canvas Template PDF

Guidance on working with the Canvas and evaluating and prioritizing initiatives.

Then we can support you

We help companies establish sustainable production to support the ongoing trend of sustainability in action and to open up new optimization and business areas.

The digitization of products and production processes makes it possible to generate relevant data and KPIs. This data and KPIs can be used to perform optimizations in own product, production network, but also to transparently share the information with customers / interested parties.

Talk to us about how together we can also make your production more sustainable.

Get started with sustainable production

Discover and identify with us through proven workshop methods how and by which systems, people data is provided and consumed to realize sustainable production.

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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