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OEE Online Calculator - Help

The production metric OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) helps to identify, monitor and improve the productivity, profitability and overall effectiveness of production equipment (machines, manufacturing cells, assembly lines, etc.) in the context of the manufacturing process.

Effiziente Produktion

Help for the input mask of the online OEE calculator

Explanation of the input fields

Duration of the driven shifts in minutes. In other words, the running minutes of the machine per shift. For an 8-hour shift, for example, 480 Max. = 24 h = 1440 min. Input: 1440

Average sum of minutes of scheduled non-production time per shift length. So e.g. maintenance, free shifts, set-up etc. e.g. 1 hr = 60 min. Input: 60

Average sum of minutes of non-production time caused by downtime per shift length.

Planned output of the machine in pieces/min. (Max. 999)

Average number of all parts produced in the shift length. (Max. 99999)

Average number of all non-conforming parts produced, i.e. scrap and repair parts. (Max. 99998)

Which industry is your company most closely associated with? If available, this will give you an industry benchmark.

Caution with the OEE benchmark

OEE benchmark industry comparison by LNS Research

The OEE as a single value says nothing at all. OEE is calculated as the product of utilization rate, efficiency and quality. So a poor utilization rate with high quality and a high utilization rate with poor quality can give the exact same OEE, yet the production lines are not really equivalent. In addition, the calculation of OEE is not precisely defined and can therefore differ from company to company. For this reason, comparisons with other companies and even one’s own industry should be treated with caution. Therefore, take the industry benchmarks provided as a rough tendency and directional guide rather than a true benchmark. For our customers, we usually use a line or plant comparison within our own group of companies as a maximum benchmark, because here we at least have the data basis under control.

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