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SAP Elevate initiative:
At high speed in the SAP MES Cloud

Trebing + Himstedt is an official SAP Elevate partner for the path to the cloud.

What is the SAP Elevate Initiative?

“Elevate” is an initiative launched by SAP worldwide to help customers of SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) switch from SAP ME and SAP MII to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). On the other hand, it should also make it easier for new customers to get started in the cloud. The aim is to ensure and simplify the transition to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM).

We are an official SAP DM migration partner

We help you to build up knowledge, take your first steps into the cloud or migrate an existing SAP ME system to the cloud. We have developed various modules with which we can provide you with the best possible support for your plans to take the future of your production to the next level of digital production in the cloud.

We provide you with comprehensive support for SAP DM migration.

SAP Elevate Initiative
SAP DM Starterpaket

1. migration workshops ME2-DM.

To make it easier for manufacturing companies to get started with the SAP MES Cloud, Trebing + Himstedt has developed a modular starter package. Your specific questions in the area of SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) are validated and tested in defined pilot projects. You will be supported and accompanied by our experienced consultants. The starter package has been developed for two scenarios from which you can choose: Worker guidance and Traceability.

Each package includes a basic module as a foundation as well as two in-depth add-ons for ERP coupling and machine connection, which can be booked as required. The aim is to take away your uncertainties and accompany you on your way to the cloud.

2. SAP DM Learning Journey

Prepare ideally for the secure migration from an existing SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) to the cloud MES SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution (DMe). Get answers on cloud strategy, organizational development and the technical migration path in our migration workshop.

ME-2-DM Canvas

Audit ME system

SAP DM Design & Roadmap

When migrating to the cloud, you can rely on our expertise with over 650 completed MES projects and implementation using agile project management methods.

Digitale Services

3. implementation of the migration project

We have developed a series of training courses – the Learning Journey – to provide you with comprehensive support on the topic of migration to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). The Learning Journey includes modular trainings that can be booked independently as needed

SAP DM Discovery

SAP DM Foundation

Deep Dive: SAP REO, Connectivity, Cloud-2-Cloud

“We now have the opportunity to set ourselves up in such a way that when a major change comes, we are equipped with SAP DM's internal and external expertise.”

Stefan Kaiser - Senior Manager, thyssenkrupp Presta AG

Ready for the next step?

Learn more about SAP DM migration and how we can support you. We look forward to the exchange!

Chris Leinemann

Chris Leinemann
Customer Solution Advisor

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