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SAP Elevate Initiative: Elevate to Digital Manufacturing

Trebing + Himstedt is an official SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) Migration Partner for the cloud migration from SAP ME and SAP MII to SAP DM.

What is the SAP Elevate Initiative?

“Elevate” is a global initiative launched by SAP to help SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) customers move from SAP ME and SAP MII to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). The goal is to ensure and simplify the transition to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM).

We are an official SAP DM migration partner

With us, you will be able to build up knowledge, get an overview of the current situation and subsequently implement a successful agile project. We have developed various modules with which we can provide you with the best possible support for your project.

We provide you with comprehensive support for SAP DM migration.

SAP Elevate Initiative

1. migration workshops ME2-DM.

Get answers on cloud strategy, organizational development and the technical migration path.

ME-2-DM Canvas

Audit ME system

SAP DM Design & Roadmap

2. SAP DM Learning Journey

Modular training series: knowledge transfer for the use of SAP Digital Manufacturing.

SAP DM Discovery

SAP DM Foundation

Deep Dive: SAP REO, Connectivity, Cloud-2-Cloud

Mitarbeiter und Organisation

3. implementation of the migration project

Trust our expertise with over 600 completed MES projects and implementation with agile project management methods when migrating to the cloud.

Would you prefer to try it out on a smaller scale first?

SAP DM Starter Package

Trebing + Himstedt has developed a modular Starter Package to introduce manufacturing companies to the topics of worker guidance and traceability from the cloud with SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM). In defined pilot projects, led by our experienced consultants and project managers, your specific questions regarding value management and traceability are tested and validated.

Each package includes a basic module as a foundation as well as two in-depth add-ons for ERP coupling and machine connection, which can be booked as required. The aim is to take away your uncertainties and accompany you on your way to the cloud.

SAP DM Starterpaket

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following questions regarding the SAP DM migration were asked and answered during the migration canvas process. Further questions can be found in the free whitepaper “SAP MES moves to the cloud”.

No, in principle there is no direct dependency in the sequence of SAP DM and S4 implementation. In the course of a parallel migration, even hybrid operation of several systems is possible. In general, it depends primarily on the availability of internal resources and the selected rollout strategy.

A distinction must be made between cloud and edge gateway. The security of the cloud is managed by the provider. However, attacks typically occur on edge or on-premise components and these must be secured themselves.

Yes, very many of the data objects can be exported independently via APIs. A complete image of the data is contractually guaranteed and can be requested via ticket.

Customization can be done in several ways. In Production Process Designer (PPD) it is possible to combine SAP DM and 3rd party services. Own services and more complex applications (BTP apps) can be developed via the Business Technology Platform. These can then be used in SAP DM. With the help of iFlows in SAP Integration Suite, one can make adjustments in the integration to third-party systems.

Yes, many data groups can be migrated via scripts & API interfaces. In detail, however, it must be decided whether this makes sense. Some data groups do not exist in SAP DM in the same form and must be adapted.

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Learn more about SAP DM migration and how we can support you. We look forward to the exchange!

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Juliane Strehl
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